Vineyard Churches of Australia


There are several answers to the question, "Why Vineyard?" Historically, Vineyard is the fruit of revival. It goes back to the "Jesus Movement," starting in the United States in the late 1960's. Through it over three million converts came into the church, and Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California exploded, eventually giving birth to the Vineyard. Vineyard is also the consequence of John Wimber?s charismatic leadership, bringing alive not only the message of the kingdom, but also the ministry of the kingdom in ?signs and wonders.? Vineyard continues to grow by practicing Biblical values, offering "culturally current" worship, preaching the gospel, building community, praying for the sick, reaching to the poor, opposing injustice and planting churches internationally. It still fosters personal and corporate renewal, seeking, in John Wimber?s phrase, "to love the whole church." Where Vineyard prospers it is also because of its clear, central kingdom theology.

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