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The city of Atlanta boasts a rapidly growing impact nationwide. Home to the world?s busiest airport, a team in each major sports league, a budding film and television industry and an outpost for most Fortune 500 companies, the city is quickly becoming known as a hub of influence. From the outside looking in, the Atlanta metro area seems a bustling urban powerhouse, but a closer look into the metro area offers more of a contradiction.

?There?s an idea that because we?re sitting in the middle of the Bible belt, we don?t need more churches or evangelism in a city like Atlanta,? explains Send North America: Atlanta city coordinator Jim Haskell. ?But the truth is, the majority of our city is uninterested in church. We have 62 planters on the ground in the metro Atlanta area but we need hundreds more to reach our city.?

Those wishing to join the movement of Christ in Atlanta can begin by visiting and clicking ?Mobilize Me.?

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