Eastern New York-New England (Wesleyans)


Approximately 20 million people live within the borders of the Eastern New York/New England District of The Wesleyan Church. We exist to reach the six states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont for Jesus Christ.

It is our passion and intention to do all we can, with all the resources that we gather, to make significant spiritual inroads into the communities that are within our geographic borders.  Some 147 of the communities in our region have a population of over 15,000 with few, if any, Wesleyan churches actively engaged in meeting the spiritual needs of the people who live there.

We are committed to planting effective Wesleyan churches and empowering existing Wesleyan churches to become healthy and productive in reaching people for Christ and assisting in the process of planting new Wesleyan churches. 


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