Allegheny District (EFCA)


In a District with 15 million people there could be as many as 12 million people who don?t know Jesus Christ as Savior.

  • We must reach every people group that is represented in our District.
  • We must become a multiplication movement in order to reach our District.
  • We must reach our inner cities with church plants and projects
  • We must become a healthy district with a primary emphasis on church planting.
  • America is the world?s 5th largest mission field.
  • America is the world?s 3rd largest Hispanic speaking mission field.
  • America has several layers of generations, ethnic groups, cultural and social groups all existing at the same time that must be understood and must be indigenously reached.
  • Planting Churches is one of the 10 Leading Indicators of Church-Health.   
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Church Planter Candidate Assessment