New England District (EFCA)


God has given the leaders of the New England District  Association a very specific vision:  PLANT 300 CHURCHES IN THE NEXT 30 YEARS.

We?ve dubbed the venture:  NEDA 300

  1. It will only be a drop in the very large bucket of need in New England where over 15 million people live and less than 360,000 of them are associated with a church that preaches the Gospel ? that?s less than 24 in 1,000  who are associated with a church that preaches the gospel.
  2. It?s humble compared to the rapid multiplication of churches in other parts of the world where God is moving his people beyond the institutional model of church growth and church planting; and thousands of churches are being raised up in relatively short periods of time.

NEDA Office: (860) 674-9541 

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