Baptist Convention of New England


As you have probably read on this website, New England is a challenging area to start a church. 

Our strategy is three-fold: 

  1. Bring church planters up to start a new church ?Ex-Nihilo? or ?out of nothing.? They can come alone with their family or with a team to a place they know little about. 
  2. Develop New Englanders to start new churches. This is the use of indigenous church planters. Many of these people will already be working with proclaiming points and some will spontaneously or organically originate. These men will start as lay leaders, assume lay pastor leadership, become bi-vocational pastors if they have a calling, and maybe continue starting new churches. 
  3. Accept a church building from other denominations and bring a church planter in from either outside or inside of New England and restart the church as a church plant. 
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Church Planter Candidate Assessment