South Texas District Council (AG)


Our mission is to identify, assess, equip, and coach spirit-led church planters to develop healthy and reproducing churches. Church planting is a venture best embarked upon in the context of a team.  This team starts with the church planter.  Other members of the team include financial supporters, coaches or mentors, perhaps a parent church, often the church planter's family and the committed group who helps launch the new initiative.  The South Texas AG seeks to partner together with church planters who want to plant in conjunction with our fellowship.
If you are called to plant a church, please have a look at this website and prayerfully consider working with us.  We are a regional network of close to 300 churches, connected to a nationwide fellowship of over 12,000 churches, and part of a worldwide movement of 64 million AG pentecostal believers.

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Church Planter Candidate Assessment