Ahora en Espanol

The CPCA is quick...easy...and now in Spanish!

Designed from the very beginning to be flexible enough to use with the multiple cultures and languages of North American Church Planting, CPCA has now been translated into Spanish.

If you have a potential church planter who is more comfortable taking the assessments in Spanish than English, just follow these steps:

1. Purchase a CPCA passcode

If you are a Sponsor or regional organization, purchase the code from your organization's page on CPCA. Otherwise, you can simply go to the home page and click, purchase passcode.

2. Provide the passcode to the potential church planter with a link to the registration page.

We suggest doing this by email and providing the link to the login page CPCA Registration in Spanish.

You can also see the Spanish translation if you go to the CPCA Log In Page and then click on "Espanol" in the upper left hand corner.

3. Accessing the reports online in English.

The primary contact for each organization will receive a copy of the reports (in Spanish) as the planter completes each one. To see the reports in English, the primary contact will need to log in as an Organization User and go to that specific planter's profile.

Other languages If your organization has a particular language that you would like to see added as a translation, please email our team at churchplanting@lifeway.com with your request with how many planters you are hoping to assess and whether or not you have translators available to translate each assessment.

Ahora en Espanol

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